Hi, I知 Nathan, an apprentice programmer and pixel artist and my experience on BYOND dates back to about 2010. I知 basically pretty stupid with BYOND but after trying something over and over I usually get the desired result. I知 currently designing a sidescroller PVP game that uses pixel movement (fangame le gasp).

My big goal is to port the game over to the webclient, but with testing so far, most optimizations seem to only marginally improve issues with framerates and the game痴 custom physics framework. I mentioned I知 pretty novice as a programmer, so it痴 likely the case that I知 just not looking in the right places and that this is entirely possible with BYOND 2019, but I have to ask: how far has the webclient come since its deployment, and how capable do you believe it is being used for a game with custom pixel movement? Apologies if I sound like a serf.
Your not alone--I made a couple platformers with BYOND and I could never find a way to get it running at an acceptable frame rate on the web client. In general, the webclient has lower performance than seeker (still) and isn't good for demanding projects.

I'd suggest sticking to dream seeker and denying webclient connections; Otherwise your performance will sink to unacceptable levels.

Cheers, and happy hacking