BYOND Build Number 512.1464
Operating System: Windows 10
Video/Graphics Card:
Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics
Manufacturer:Intel Corporation
Chip Type: Intel(R) HD Graphics family
Internet Connection Type: 200Kb/s
Firewalls/Routers: Off, all off, every single one of them
Problem description: Says Pager is offline, logging in as guest; When I (try to) join a server it says: Acces Denied. Banned by host: Reason: Guests not allowed. please sign in with a byond account
Steps to Reproduce Problem: Start BYOND, login, go to a game and Join a server and thats it.
tried going to preferences, Games, and make sure that "login to games as guest if pager is not running" isn`t checked, and joined a game but now nothing happened, dream seeker didn`t open, went to the task manager, details, and it said that it was open, but nothing happened, I waited for like 30 minutes.
I've tried a few other games and its the same, I discovered BYOND because a friend recommended me SS13, I've played other games like CDDA, Unreal World and Dwarf fortress and I really want to play SS13
Also: I've tried joining a server that allowed guests and it worked, but nothing happened: (screenshot)
ohhhhh, I forgot, I also tried to hosting a server, and it said pager offline, logging as guest, and then logging into port................ Failed
The most likely cause of this is that your BYOND programs (dreamseeker.exe, dreamdaemon.exe, byond.exe) don't have access to both the public and private networks in your Windows firewall. They need to be able to access both.

Dream Seeker isn't talking to the pager like it expects to, so it doesn't see your login.
they do have access, I still don't know what the problem was, I tried and tried for like a year, right now decided to give it another try and it worked, like for no reason, im soo happy