Hey everyone, a few years back I had a little project in development called
Wolf-Pack Battalion it was a little smash clone that used my close friends as characters.

While development didn't quite pan out as I had hoped in BYOND, my team grew and we took the game to Unreal 4. The new project; Super Powered Battle Friends was born!

Platform Fighters are a genre that can lend itself well to many different game modes, but no one ever utilizes this. With SPBF, we intend to bring a large variety of game modes that other games in the genre don't have. Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, an actually good Smash Run/City Trial

We also get to bring the great wonder of mod support thanks to the power of Unreal 4! We think allowing the players to design their own characters and stages will greatly benefit not only the long term fun to be had, but also allow anyone to create their own Super Powered Battle Friend.

These are just the few of the aspects that make Super Powered Battle Friends stand out from the crowd.