Hello Readers! In case you're new around here and are curious about the reason your BYOND pager just blinked with a link to this post, Within BYOND is a twice-a-month round-up column that features the latest in-development original games made using BYOND that have brought information about their progression to light, along with links where more detailed information can be found. BYOND-related news, resources, and other community happenings are covered as well! The column is a quick read this week, so check it out!


The BYOND website received a bit of a spruce-up recently, comment links now have a chain icon and elements are resized to fit on the screen. Speaking of the site, BYOND Developer Lummox JR has shared a PSA about BYOND and the HTTPS Everywhere extension, and why certain features don't currently work while using that extension. Over in development news, he makes mention of the recent server outages and shares the notes from his journey on resolving some bugs related to visual contents.


Receiving a rating of 10/10 and a ''do not play this game'' warning in the same game review may seem unlikely, but that is exactly what SsethTzeentach concluded in his video review that has sent Space Station 13's player counts into sustained four-figure territory! That review, which features some of his favorite SS13 stories and experiences, has garnered over three-quarter million views and 4000 comments! Just a heads-up that the video does contain some mature content... but nothing worse then what you're liable to be exposed to during a round anyhow!

Rangers are the latest class in Zenith's Call to receive their very own promotion quest and affiliated NPC! Elsewhere in the world, the Gobbo, tough green goblins, have taken up a recruitment drive, with the race now being playable by players interested in a more combative environment. Keep up with their developments on Discord.

Keep a steady eye out for Ghosts, the latest class in Sigrogana Legend 2 to receive a rework. Devourer Of Souls fills in the misty details, covering the new skills, like Blood Spike and Ghastly Strike. The specifics follow shortly thereafter. Snakemen, having invaded the dungeons, require defeating and possess powerful equipment to be gathered, and a handful of other classes have been altered.

The team behind Spires of Agartha has shared a whole slew of imagery related to upcoming skills, features, and areas in the roleplaying game. Those teasers can be found on their Discord channel, along with their other recent updates, like modifications to weaponry and bosses, and hints at a plan for life-steal.

Bravo1 is showing off his changes to the player-character in Dark Star! The arms now swing more naturally and the camera adjusts as the player moves about the station. Plans are to add health indicators to the armor, and enable the glow features of the guns.

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Love all these developers and the BYOND scene. Thank you Higoten for trying to keep people involved. Nice looking stuff but I want to see more progress! I think the key might be a small redesign of the dream maker to bring it up to speed with html5/javascript builders that are more user friendly with things like layers, properties and object oriented looking interfaces. That would add the kickstart in development and new coders that BYOND really needs.
Higoten vanished. No more reports. There goes my articles what to i drink coffee and read now.
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I'm Back! Last week involved a tiny-bit too much juggling in the middle, but most of that was over as of Monday. You'll find some new reading material before the end of the day.
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Well welcome back!
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Higoten wrote:
I'm Back! Last week involved a tiny-bit too much juggling in the middle, but most of that was over as of Monday. You'll find some new reading material before the end of the day.

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The pitchforks can be returned to storage... hopefully!