Kingdoms of Seven

by X-ShinraTensei-X
Kingdoms of Seven
A roleplaying game, set in fantasy-medieval world.

Yes, it is me!

I know, sudden silence. But no the project is not dead too bad i know. I bumped into ..difficult obstacles in life. Of all the things hit by cancer. Yes i know those are not cheery news.

What? You want me to kick the bucket and leave the project unfinished? Ha! Nice try. (Obvious sarcasm here)

Yes life can be a bloody ocean wave that crashes hard sometimes...but i am not here to cry about that. Project is going on, and i have no intention of stopping working on this. Worse things can be beaten am i right..positive attitude!

On game matters..a lot of changes, a lot of bug fixes..a lot of everything! And as such thanks to testers i am happy to say its out of early alpha stage! What does that means that the game should be opened and accessible to anyone on byond within 2/3 next days.

Go around, explore, smash monsters. Visit scary dungeon..who cares! And do of course..provide your insight, reports if bugs found. This project still has a lot of room to work at however i am doing my best to update frequently.

My current goal is to provide enough content so that game can be playable as it should be. Working on things, seeing how they develop is always have one or another challenge. However as much as i enjoy working on this..and pouring effort. I would lie if i said i do not also want to just hit it and play the game!

So yes..a certain milestone is hit. But here we go to another one. And that is to provide enough content so that ROLEPLAY can start!

Oh..right, i have to uh..promote Silver Moon Inn..the owner is gorgeous lady..