It's been a week of many hats, and one of those hats was website monkey. I had to look at some things and make a few adjustments, plus it was time to update some of the CSS to make the site easier to read on mobile devices. This of course had the exact opposite effect on many pages, which I fixed. That fix in turn did not work, so I fixed it again. Such is the curse of CSS, and one reason I don't like to touch the site code very often.

Speaking of curses, I'm braving the Friday release curse because yesterday's 5123.1465 build, which contained a number of anticipated fixes and a new feature, turned out to have two new bugs: one minor, one relatively serious for certain games (which, naturally, included SS13). But the more serious one, while it would have been hard to diagnose later, turned out to be something I could figure out in a relatively short time and in the wee hours of the night. I'll share more details about it in this week's Patreon post because it dovetails very well with the fix I discussed last week that ultimately caused it, and it's an interesting look under the hood.

I'm working on UTF-8 support for regular expressions for 513. The less said about that the better, because it involves a lot of cursing.

I owe big thanks to all of you who supported BYOND this month through Membership, donation, Patreon, or on SubscribeStar, and in particular I want to give a big shout-out to the members of the SS13 community who were a part of that this past week, some for the first time. Thanks for showing the love, you beautiful crazy spessmen.

Grill season is not yet upon us! But it's coming soon. So is Easter, which also means spring break for a lot of you. If you're headed someplace warm, eat some red meat and enjoy life. And if you're not headed anywhere, stay in, order pizza, and get your BYOND on!
Ah, grill season!