Kingdoms of Seven

by X-ShinraTensei-X
Kingdoms of Seven
A roleplaying game, set in fantasy-medieval world.

Lore, Lore, Lore!

Moshi, moshiii. Is this thing on? Probably so!

I know what you're probably thinking at this point.. "Its this guy again!"

"He enjoys writing these articles alright."

Yare, yare..answer would be resounding NO. It is pain in my rear..but it has to be else would y'folks get info!

Onwards to the point of the article..lore..lore, game lore. Lore can be such a difficult thing sometimes. Now, pretty much by now it is clear that my primary inspiration for the game was GoT. Why? I love fantasy..i love medieval. Is that not enough? I have been however thinking hard about how much can i squeeze out of it, how much game content i can produce by leaning on that piece alone. Thinking hard indeed!(My brain trembles!) that's how hard.. (you did not get the reference? too bad.)

Now world of GoT is rather extensive, a lot of things here and there. But still i was sort of bothered..creepy undead kings, undead armies, wrecking havoc around..that is fine. But more, we all need more, we all want MORE. And as such i decided to indeed keep that part here. Do not worry GoT fans, you will have your place here..however i was displeased by the fact that i am limited by what i can create based on that piece alone, so i decided to squeeze that FANTASY part of the game. How far can one's imagination take you in that part..i can speak for myself and my mind is a maze when it comes to such things!

Now i could write a book here, and it seems i am heading to that direction, so i'll cut this short. In simple terms, KoS is leaning at the moment heavily on its fantasy aspect..and as such..a lot of custom lore will be part of it. With GoT being my inspiration for it..i would not want to stop there. And as such i decided to add more, MUCH MORE into it. I would not reveal it all out of blue like that, ruins the moment doesn't it? However there will be something for everyone, and a lot of people will perhaps find things they see familiar, or even know of what it is about. GoT is not everyone's cup of tea..let's be honest at that part. And that is why i decided to add various lore's and ..shall we say.. MELT various worlds into ONE world. Which allows me to squeeze content out of these various things..and provide more enjoyment for those who would play this.

It is a lot of work, its pain in the rear..adapting everything to melt(i sure use that term a lot) with other things is not something i am willing to do just because i consider it fun to do. But in long will pay off. It will allow more content to be added, more story, more places for me to create for others to play at.