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I achieve a really cool fast movement blur by using a blur filter and the KEEP_TOGETHER tag, the only problem is I can't use anything that may increase the character's size or turn their icon different ways because since it all draws together it skews the whole game screen.

I use KEEP_TOGETHER because the blur wouldn't effect the overlays of the character otherwise and it just looks best, is there a way to remove the KEEP_TOGETHER function while allowing this filter to also blur the character overlays?
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It skews the entire game screen to change the transform of just your character?
If I do something like..

var/matrix/M2 = matrix()
src.transform = M2

With KEEP_TOGETHER it turns the entire game screen to the side, it's cool with being knocked out it adds a unique factor to it but for things like Scale() it basically just increases your direct zoom as your character increases in size to others.

I use the KEEP_TOGETHER option for my dynamic lighting effect.
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KEEP_TOGETHER only affects the overlays/underlays (and maybe vis_contents?) of the atom you apply it to. It shouldn't be affecting the entire game screen unless you also have PLANE_MASTER on it.