This week's news post will be short, because I accomplished very little thanks to a bad cold that's had me on the ropes all week. It's hard to get any development done when you have a sore throat for a solid week, your sinuses fill up with snot and are eaten alive by a virus, then the inevitable coughing fit stage, coupled with a hefty dose of sleep deprivation... I think you see where this is going. Fun fact: I slept all of 3½ hours last night.

It's not all bad news, though. I fixed a minor website bug, a holdover from the last round of changes, and also got to two 512 issues for the next maintenance release. One of those issues isn't a bug per se, but the client garbage collector needed to be able to handle games that use a bunch of larger icons and unload them a little more aggressively. I had made some changes to that effect in a past release but had to undo them when they were way too aggressive and also triggered the GC too often; the new logic should be better.

513 work has of course been completely on hold. Wrestling with regex code and UTF-8 was not going to happen while horking up congealed gunk.

I'm on the tail end of this thing, aside from more minor coughing to come in the weeks ahead, so hopefully next week I'll be back on track. Thanks to everyone who's supported BYOND through Membership, donation, Patreon, or SubscribeStar. I always feel bad taking sick time but I know you guys understand, and thanks.
I recommend taking high dose melatonin on any day that something is not right, from muscle soreness, carpal tunnel like symptoms to making sure you recover from short sleep cycles. Of all the things that I have taken, for anything, Melatonin is one supplement that will always be in my shelf. I currently take 10MG and no bad side effects.
If you don't get feeling better soon, consider seeing a health professional to ask them to check you for sinusitis or any other infection that could get better with an antibiotic.

I agree with sleep and nutrition being important. I'm sure it's hard to sleep with a cough. Some people like to take some medicine for cold/cough over the counter, as well. I hope you recover soon.
I've had sinusitis many times, so I know what to be on the lookout for.

The worst part really is that this is the phase of the cold when you just have this uncontrollable urge to cough all the time.
I recommend whiskey. Just, you know, whenever. Not related at all to you being sick. Just really recommend it.