Hi, today I am using my other laptop (my secondary since the one I use often is my primary and is currently at home)

I wanted to play Space Station 13 with my friends on their private server, I had Beta version on my primary laptop, but when I installed byond on my secondary laptop I could not join the server and there was no option to switch to Beta, it was just showing "Your BYOND version is up to date.". Below there should be two options and those would be "Stable" and "Beta" but now they have disappeared.

My laptop is a HP Pavilion g6 running Windows 10 (32-bit)

I saw a other thread on bug-reports but it had no answers.
Hello Alternativeidiot,

There is not presently a Beta version of BYOND available as the previous Beta build has become the Stable build and BYOND 513 has not yet been released into Beta.

What issues appear when attempting to join your friend's server? We may be able to help resolve those directly.

Alternatively, you can experiment and download previous versions of BYOND here.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your response!

I get an error saying that BYOND is can't connect to the game (Connection Failed) and then it switches over a error message that says to install Adobe Flash on Internet Explorer.

And thank you for old versions of BYOND, I'll make sure you acknowledge if old versions succeed to fix my issue.

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Unfortunately, older versions may haven't helped, but thank you for your support! I really appreciate that you spent time and effort into trying to resolve my issue.
Connection failed means you weren't able to connect to the server. It could just be a problem with that specific server.