Hey guys... I'm trying to run a Game Offline through Local LAN.
My problem is when they click (IP and Port), they can't log in.
I joined my own Server through Dream Daemon but I can't log in on the same IP twice...
Is it possible to setup an Offline Server for others in the home to join through LAN?
If so, how would I do it?

You guys have always been a great help, I hope you can help me out on this subject.
There's nothing on BYOND's end that prevents this. It's possible the developer of the game in question programmed something of this nature though.
Alright, thanks :)
Thanks for answering so quickly. :) is the local loopback. Your internal IP on the network will differ, usually 192.168.X.Y. With X being the subnet, and Y being the device.

You can get your internal IP by opening a command line and running ipconfig.

The line you will be interested in is IPv4 Address. The default gateway is your router.
Thanks guys, I found the answer to my problem now : )