On certain servers my lighting system is screwed up like this
1. ( Goonstation, same problem for Bad Deathclaw
2. ( Paradise Station, playable but still very bad.
In servers like CM the lighting is all right, not many problems.
At Goonstation and Bad Deathclaw, light sources like flashlights won't make any effect at the dark tiles.

My computer has the following setup:
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bits
Processor Intel Atom D410
4GB RAM memory
DirectX 11
Integrated Graphics

My BYOND is in the latest version available, and graphics hardware configuration is toggled on.

Also, the app i'm using to upload the images is not very trustworthy and its link changes constantly, if you happen to open the link and a completely different image appear, please state so i can reupload again (Since i didn't find any other good enough site for uploading them)

Integrated Intel graphics have been known to be very problematic with various DirectX features BYOND utilizes.
So it's all about Integrated Graphics? Only way to solve that would be to get a good video card that isn't integrated?
You could try fiddling with some settings and driver updates, but looking at the specs on the system it appears to be a pretty low-end netbook or something similar so I imagine they didn't put a whole lot of resources towards video features.
Yeah, it's actually a very old computer. I guess there's nothing much to do about that then. Thanks for the help.