Stigma of Gaia

by Mana Production
Stigma of Gaia
"We live in a fake paradise world. Only those who rebels can see the true world that we have forgotten..."
'Sup peeps, Ryudo here.
Though formally known as Soma Schicksal. (Usually Soma by friends.)

Past couple of years, Me and Team Mana were trying to work on an OATB RPG (Online Active Turn Based RPG) that was called Final Impact: Aeon Catalyst (Shorted to Aeon Catalyst mostly). Progress was going steady till complications happened and the source code became a mess with no proper backup. So RIP that project.

Put on hold any projects that would be related to turn-based until I could understand better how to handle turn system and ect.

In mid-january this year, I've let the team know about giving another try in making another OATB RPG but inspiring from older classics like the Grandia series. Thus, Stigma of Gaia has been created and been worked on ever since in the shadows from the public.

The game is still very early but so far, we've gotten a functional battle system (which will be shown in a video at the end of the post).

A lot can be said of what to come for Stigma of Gaia but I rather keep it for another post that would be related to the game's progress. All I could say is the game will feature a classic SNES-like graphics, original soundtracks and its own account system. So, right now, BYOND keys doesn't really matter for this game but the software is needed in order to join and play.

An official test server is yet to be confirmed but a discord server for the game might be up eventually for those interested in the game. Until then!

i love it
It's a bit rough around the edges but I like it.