Hello readers! This extra late edition of Within BYOND has been brought to you by all the other unnamed stuff that got in the way last week (Read: wasn't brought to you last week by me.) Anyways, sticking with the scheduling I'm currently in, next month Within BYOND will tentatively be shared on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesdays, then resuming the normal course in June. Now let's check out what developers have been changing up around BYOND!


Resolving crashes and sickness took up a fair share of BYOND Developer Lummox JR's development time these last few weeks, with crashes in the hub, Dream Seeker, and Dream Daemon, all of which have likely been sussed out and resolved! Site searches now return results with the help of Google and UTF-8 Regex is nearly complete, as he pushes for some final feature stuffing for 513 prior to release. On Patreon, he goes into how his former bug fix, involving removing seemingly unneeded code, backfired. Then he shares changes to the garbage collector to improve memory usage, and how UTF-8 complicates regex.


Pixel Realms has shared the latest mechanic in Spires of Agartha, Rewards for Dungeon Masters! The concept is that when players run and oversee custom events, everyone has fun, and the DM now earns reward points, which can then be spent on perks. Several spells and abilities have received modifications as well.

Bl4ck Adam has shared a screen-capture of his current project, which features an axe-wielding hero dashing about a forest, sliding under ledges and climbing vertical obstacles. Cool cape.

Titles are now up for grabs in Universe 21, awarded for every 24 levels gained. A statpoint is gained for every 12 levels, and a bonus one is gained every 64 levels. S10 games mentions that melee style skills have been brought back, and player icons have been updated. Reset potions, dropped by elite enemies will allow re-specs, and the tutorial and login systems have been redesigned.

Phat T has shared a bit of imagery from The Phantom of the Future, one of which captures a forested area with a magic portal, and the other one nabs the starting of a boss battle! Map instancing is now in effect, players begin with simple weapons, and skill information is available in-game, along with their recently added cool-downs.

X-ShinraTensei-X has opened Kingdoms of Seven's Alpha testing phase to the public as he shares his ongoing battle with cancer and maintains his cheery attitude! He then goes on to speak about expanding the fantasy aspect of the game, opening the field to realms of possibilities, so check out the open alpha test and find out what's inside! Best of luck with the prognosis!

A rapidly moving new enemy is creeping around Dark Star, as Bravo1 experiments with sounds in the futuristic shooter. New areas of the station are also unlocked with the addition of edge-grabbing, allowing for access to high places without needing to shut down the gravity generator.

The team working on Zenith's Call has been doubling down on the appearances of their in-game characters. The dialogue interface has received a make-over, and many of the characters now have portraits and are chattier! Along with the more social characters, new residents have moved into Wakai village with quests and chit-chat of their own. New music can be heard around the world now too!

Chickenlegs held a successful test run of Galaxy Warriors a few weeks back. Galaxy Warriors is an RPG where players are tasked with gaining power as they explore the universe, starting with Rocket City, where a handful of NPCs live. Level based progression and quests have been added, and a slew of skills are ready to be learned during the next testing session!

Soma Ryudo has returned with a demonstration of the combat system in Stigma of Gaia. Watch as he takes down two aggressive slimes using a variety of attacks. Stay tuned as the game progresses, with plans to setup a Discord channel coming in the near future.

Hand, leg, and accessory equipment upgrade recipes have been added for select items in Sigrogana Legend 2. Devourer Of Souls mentions that upgraded items are designated by a ''plus'' appended to the name, along with an upper-left corner icon. Also new in .09 are several skill tags and a change to how long Black Knights endure status effects.

BYOND Resources

  • Kumorii has finalized the latest build for Cloud Shadows, cutting the weight and creating fully randomized pockets of water vapor shadows.
  • Need to add some basic intelligence to your wondering creatures? Legobumb presents what he has taught the computer.
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very good!
Why does ss13 never get mentioned? It's the only good game you guys have.
In response to Eraukon
Eraukon wrote:
Why does ss13 never get mentioned? It's the only good game you guys have.

Now it that does not hurt all the dev's on byond.
In response to Eraukon
Eraukon wrote:
Why does ss13 never get mentioned? It's the only good game you guys have.

It was mentioned in the previous issue. And these posts generally take information that is posted on the BYOND site itself. (Lummox's announcements, game updates section, and posts from the show your project off thread)
Neat, one question:
Are you guys doing anything about the netcode? This new "ssethtide" and "twitchtide" affects SS13 games fairly nastily and from what I hear theres not much the people who host those servers can do on their side.
In response to OverSane
Hosts can always host more servers and set player capacity limits if they want to.
In response to Kaiochao
Kaiochao wrote:
Hosts can always host more servers and set player capacity limits if they want to.

I mean, sure, they can do that, but what about the server they use? Can't they use more of that?
I heard BYOND only allows you to use up a rather pathetic amount of PC speculations.
In response to Eraukon
In tomorrow's update for the SS13 community I'll post a reminder about Within BYOND. I think a lot of server admins genuinely forget about the BYOND news section.
development seems to have picked up a bit