I've never had a problem as persistent as this, does anyone have any idea what I can do to solve this problem with these "rainbow graphics"? I searched everywhere for a solution to a miserable error in lighting and none. I've already tried resetting the cache, reinstalling the game, download Directx SDK.
You're using crappy integrated graphics that for some unknown reason, won't display shaders properly. This causes problems with the lighting system for goonstation and some other SS13 codebases.

If I knew why the shaders weren't working and how to fix that, I'd be happy to jump right on it. Unfortunately it's Google-proof.
It's scary because these weird integrated chips are sneaking into more and more systems. Or at the very least becoming more apparent as the shaders get used by more things.

I think you even added debugging output at some point to see why they wouldn't load and got the same output as someone who had them load, didn't ya?
Yes, the last output I got showed nothing unusual.
If installing DirectX SDK hasn't solved the problem for you then you should be able to upload useful data with it. Crappy integrated graphics should be more than enough to play crappy BYOND games.
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What data do you mean? If there's a way for users to get information about why Intel graphics are failing with shaders, I'd like to know too.
Lummox I was looking for other ways to try to solve the problem and found the following post:
In it you ask him to install DirectxSDK and open the Dream Seeker with such a "PIX", and apparently it worked for him, how can you teach me to do that and explain to me what "PIX" is?
PIX is a debugging tool for DirectX. I've only used it once myself and can't really tell you much useful about it.
And how did you use / download the tool? I need to test.
The tool came with the SDK. I don't remember how to use it because I only did so once. It's extremely technical so it's not something I'd recommend for most users.

Just to be clear, I don't think using that tool solved the problem. I suspect something else fixed it. It's a diagnostic tool only; you only use it to gather information.
it seems interesting what will be this tool?
You're chasing a dead-end lead. This is not going to solve your problem. Downloading the DirectX SDK from June 2010 might help, but PIX will not because it's only for gathering information and it takes a kot of techical skill to understand.

Ultimately the best solution is to get a cheap graphics card to replace the crappy Intel integrated graphics.
I already installed this DirectX SDK several times and it did not work. The only thing that does not make me give up the idea of playing again without problems are two reasons: the first is that this game has already run perfectly on my computer and the second is that my friend who has a G41 can run the game perfectly (I believe that his plate is not so different from mine)
If the game stopped running properly on your machine but once did, then something changed--possibly the display drivers.