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I've been having issues getting Byond to start on my computer, i have clicked the icon, ran it in administrator, re-installed it, however it never opens, yet task manager shows it as a background process and I am not really sure what to do.
I had some issues with BYOND awhile back that displayed similar symptoms.

It turned out to be another background app that was causing BYOND to act up.

You might try double checking to make sure one of your other programs isn't interfering.
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Could you give me an example of the background app that was causing Byond to act up? Just so it can be narrowed down.
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I believe it was called nahmic - an audio driver application.

I also disabled the software for my graphics drivers as well. (the applications; not the drivers themselves)

after those apps were disabled, BYOND started up fine. (hope this helps)
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It's actually fixed now, thank you!
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happy to help :3