Hello Readers! It's May and the weather has finally shapened up, bringing some much-awaited sunshine to the north-east corner of the US! As a quick reminder of the planned release schedule variation, Within BYOND #114 is set for May 15th, and #115 is slated for May 29th before resuming the typically 2nd and 4th Wednesday timetable. Now onto the spotlight!


The BYOND hub server issues are behind us assures BYOND Developer Lummox JR following a hardware failure last week, and in software stability, several bugs and crashes, some archaically rare, are behind us as well. In development, UTF-8 regular expression work is coming to a close, a push for visual rendering of targets and sources is ongoing prior to the initial release of 513, and over on Patreon, two similar internal rendering structures are explained.


The team working on Zenith Call has bolstered professions in the latest updates. Fishing has been caught and seared, forestry is easier to move through (A wooden axe? What a treasure.), New ores have been discovered, tonics have been documented, and crafting success is much more probable. NPCs now each have their own portrait, and every item comes with its description. The team is also looking for a creative content developer to create items, quests, and monsters - apply by contacting Crazah!

I don't mind spiders as much as I do snakes, but the latest abomination in Bravo1's Darkstar reminds me that my opinion can change depending on the size of the creature! Apart from the creepy web-slinger, Bravo1 has been working behind the scenes, mastering plane masters, experimenting with visual effects, and contemplating effective map loading.

Universe 21 is gearing up for battle among the three core planets, with S10 Games reporting that the appearance of several pieces of gear has been shined up and enhanced, compliments of Mane. Rapidly pressing power-up commands can result in a temporary time-out, while game stability has been enhanced through other bug fixes.

Kumorii has been dropping hints of his latest project, which appears to be a temporarily Technicolor maze navigated by a smiley face.

Chance has issued some guidance on being a Dungeon Master in Spires of Agartha, as the end to a decades-long war creeps to a finish, elections have been decided, and deadly duels are championed by exiled Chieftains. Many spells and skills have seen adjustments, and a new set of graphical teasers have been portrayed on their Discord channel.

After 12 years, Paradise City has finally been taken over and destroyed by Zom... oh wait, Falacy has rather rebranded the game as Zombie Magic! In addition to the new hub logo, All the service personnel have been slain, player health values have been increased ten-fold, and invincible Party Pals have arrived to help fight back the endless wake of monsters. There are a slew more changes, but you'll have to jump into the game to find out what they are.

BYOND Resources

  • Kaiochao has chewed KaioCode into a half-dozen libraries, check out the reground details and demonstrations!
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