There's an old joke and it goes like this: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims! I've always loved that joke, because it's so stupid and because I descend from those selfsame followers of April showers. (Seriously, it's like 10 generations back.) But if those showers happen in May, what do they bring? Asking for a friend.

This week's development was interrupted by a few things, mainly yesterday, but I've been pushing forward. Yesterday morning we had another server problem, but this time there was no hardware issue (as far as I can tell) and it wasn't one of the usual suspects that have been causing problems over the last few months. The database went down, no clear indication as to why except that I also saw a weird error in the site log that might somehow be related. I'm hoping it's a one-off. Everything else that was causing problems before this appears to still be stable, so that's good news. (Oh, and after that my car got sick again while I was on the way to grab lunch.)

Aside from diagnosing the above issue (not the car thing), most of my work this week has gone into the new 513 feature of render targets. I'm please to say that things are finally looking good in early testing, though I've done one of three types of objects here. (I still have to test icons with KEEP_TOGETHER, and plane masters.) It's coming along! Currently however there are some technical details I need to work out, and I'll talk about all this more on the Patreon post.

Also a little work has gone into some 512 stuff, but to be honest a lot of that I've put off a bit while I work on the new feature. Nothing in the current pipeline appears to be urgent for once, which is nice.

Thanks a ton to all our Members, donors, Patrons, and those on SubscribeStar for your support this past month! You guys keep development going, keep the site running, and my car thanks you too.
Lummox JR nice job <3
showers in may bring a +5 mood bonus for being clean