The Climate Crisis is something that is starting to, and is going to continue impacting each and every of our lives drastically. The threat grows exponentially with each day and we don't have time to continue like nothing is going on. There's a very high probability that most of us younger folks will not live to see old age if we do nothing. I am not exaggerating or joking. Please inform yourselves and make initiatives in your daily lives to inform others and take up any opportunity you can to partake in climate activist movements in your area. If not that - plant a tree. Don't squish that bee.

Just don't ignore the problem and open yourself up to the reality of the dire circumstances we find ourselves in. You and the fate of every other complex lifeform on Earth depends on it.

Thank you.
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I think it's great post.
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tl;dr - Either god saves us or we die
good documentary, thanks for sharing; I enjoyed watching it
Glad to spread awareness. (: