Poll: Do you have a bunch of unfinished/unpublished projects sitting around somewhere?

Yes 68% (11)
No 6% (1)
I'll get to it eventually god damn it! 25% (4)

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Does anyone else have a giant dumpster folder sitting somewhere in storage full of dead/dated projects that never got finished or published because reasons?

or is it just me? >.<
I have dead projects from over 10 years ago that are just collecting dust. I will never release any of it, but it's always nice to look back at what I worked on. I largely keep it around for nostalgia.
i hav mor code than the Vatican has books
In response to Lige
nice to know I'm not alone
My code is just resting.

Actually I recently returned my attention to the PGC puzzle/adventure generator I was working on a while back.
My code is just resting.

Luckily, all of my code signed up for organ donation. I frequently go graverobbing for parts.