Kingdoms of Seven

by X-ShinraTensei-X
Kingdoms of Seven
A roleplaying game, set in fantasy-medieval world.

3,2,1 Go!

Yes it is ME..still alive. Miss me? Neither do i!

So production is still going, some days less some more..i have been trying to cover a lot of ground fast. Tough being so many areas to fill up and being a single individual working on it. I am a bit stretched..a lot of things are a mess, but i am doing my best to polish and work on things.

Game Content wise..a lot of things have been added. Along with new areas, even new lands..another race(Hello Demons), weapons, armors, items, potions.

Professions have got alchemist now, brew the potions! All in all, lately i am focusing on player ranks and what they offer. Rank of the day is won by being a King of player ownable city! Why? Who does not like being a king, you dont want other pesky players entering your city, well close the damn gates! Yes, close the entries, no visits. Zit, nada! Whats that, you changed your mind. Well open the damn gates then!

You find your city lacking in military strength, you are afraid of some random skeletons invading your city, why are you afraid? Costs some gold, but ..train your soldiers, spawn-- i mean train those guards in your city!

Low on funds, no one said you have to be nice, collect the taxes..piss off citizens of your city!(Try not to be murdered while at it for being bad king).

Overall a lot of stuff are changed, constantly improved and added. But that is not why i am here. Most important announcment would be.


With game content or enough of it being there, i have decided to release two more patches(updates) and after that is said and done..the FIRST game wipe will officially start. That means.. RP..bring it on! For those unfamiliar with game lore or anything of a sort, do visit the games discord, poke around, read, ask away!

Toodles for now!

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