I work on various different projects and have been programming on byond for years. I however have the artistic ability of a blind man with no hands. I require a pixel artist so i can break away on various different games from community available art.

I have a Dragonball game, currently up and running and before comments on “its probably a rip” log in and see for yourself, the icons and pixel art however is community ripped since my lack of ability to pixel art stated above.

I have a Naruto Game currently down as i am reworking it from scratch. I do have an original base i payed for that it’d like to use on this project.

And finally a one player game about a Slime called Slimeville. The game is to give the common slime (a low level enemy in most MMO/RPGS) humanity. The main character embarks on his quest to save his people from humans who slaughter them for their valuable “slime core” bringing their species to the brink of extinction or “slimeagadian”

If interested in working with me on any of the three projects let me know. Contact me on the pager or discord at deathbyheart#3828

My team has always been me, and my story director but alas this must expand, hopefully our addition can be you 😜 raff out