Hello Readers! It's difficult to imagine that we're halfway through May and students are counting down to finals and getting out of school for the summer! I swear time goes way faster byond the age of eighteen. So check out these quick updates today, as the next two weeks will be gone before I know it.


Refactoring the rendering pipeline has been the primary task of BYOND Developer Lummox JR these past two weeks, in order to bring the server and client up to par on how to correctly handle rendering targets in BYOND 513. Car and server troubles aside, he discusses some of the roadblocks in getting to this new feature and how the newest revision makes BYOND's internal engine much cleaner.


The sound of Zenith's Call is getting louder as the game becomes more feature complete. Several new quests have been added to the main storyline, and movement delays have been cut in half, making for quicker turn-based battles, which can also now be completed using the mouse. The party invite alerts have been improved, and stacks of items are easier to cut in half.

Phat T took an aside into Shootha, a zombie survival game. I'm not too sure that there are presently any zombies to survive from, but you can check out the quaint little home in the middle of nowhere and fire the gun.

X-ShinraTensei-X has brought Kingdom of Seven into early access as content builds and role-playing is ready to be had. Demons now roam the new found lands, perhaps in search of the rumored equipment that is awaiting discovery. Alchemists have been spotted brewing new potions, and a king is about to be chosen.

Gold94 has shown off some of the skills and interface work being done on his latest project. I don't have much more information than that to go by, but the dash animation looks cool.

Bravo1 is making quite the entrance, in what appears to be a trashed and bloody office space in the Idaho, where a living stalagmite is found that presumably caused the mess. The remainder of the information was lost to the void, so we'll have to wait for its recovery to find out more about Dark Star.

Spires of Agartha has given rise to masteries, granted to those temporarily skilled enough in magic or weapon wielding. Changes have been made to how Role-playing-points are gained, dangerous battles are now even riskier, and tiers of magic have been researched.

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nice news
The only problem because of this update, It has broken space station 13, firing way, you can only shoot north, and not any other way, can you fix this?
In response to The spire
Im meaning by that it brakes the clickage.
Just use the older version of the build and wait for the fix :
An unexpected awards banquet ate up most of my evening today, and while there is some content ready to go for Within BYOND #115, I have a bit more of a head-ache than I'd like for finishing up the rest. With that, look for the next edition sometime tomorrow!

:p will release further details at a later date, I have the story and summary of the game typed up I just can't handle hyping people too much anymore lool