Soul Society

by Tantric1
Soul Society
Bleach Las Noches - 2019 - Active Staff - BLN PVP

Reduced Lanza's AOE Damage.

Reduced laceration's cooldown to 40 seconds.

Reduced Garra de la Pantera's cooldown to 40 seconds.

Reduced laceration damage by 25%.

Added message that will let the player know when the CD is over.

Sped up the healing of self-stamina.

Increased fatigue on all arrow types.

Increased time Ice Dragon can be used for.

Increased Senkei damage.

Increased DB time to 2 minutes.

Faction holding the Hougyoku's DB timer is 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Removed all darker colored text instances to a brighter color.

Hougyoku carrier now has a slower movement speed.

The faction that controls the Hougyoku now gets a 1.5x exp boost, rather than 1.3x.

Hate has been added as a Community Manager GM!

Removed Higa Zekkou requiring Ability 2.

Yumichika damage buff.

Yumichika reiryoku drain nerf.

Yumichika cooldown time reduced.

Volcanica is now easier to master.

Haien, Enkosen, and Soren are now easier to master.

Lowered CTF KO time.

Players are now fully restored when respawned in CTF.


CTF KO Timer and Full Restore is now actually working.

When entering CTF you will be reverted from any releases, but all your release cooldowns are reset.

New grind map and NPC added east of Seireitei.

Added multiple tanning beds around the world.

Byakuya's 6 dense tiles in bankai has been reduced to 3 when not mastered, and 4 when mastered.

Byakuya's petals attack delay has been increased from a base 1.6 seconds to a base 3.5 seconds.

Byakuya's petals damage has been reduced by 50%.

Yumichika's vines are now opaque but not dense.

New Trade Yen verb has been added.

New Team OOC verb has been added.

Forest Enemies now delete on death.

Adjusted Forest Enemies hitbox to be centered.

Rouge Shinigami no longer appear when you log in.

Changed "Captain Demoted" text color.

Removed the "global cooldown" of all challenges.

Removed GM's from the scoreboard. (this will trigger when the GM logs in)

- Ichinose drain reduced.

- Tousen benihikou mastery rate and damage increased.

- Quincy fatigue reduced.

- Hakuren damage increased.

- Sado challenge XP nerfed.

- Del Torro Ram cooldown lowered.

- Skill tree prices adjusted.

- Cascada damage increased.

- Silver tubes cooldown decreased.

- Seele Schneider cooldown decreased.

- Constrict cooldown reduced.

- Tsukishiro damage delay removed.

- Shunpo times checked for all races, seem ok. Based on skill tree.

- Zaraki PB and Aizen DB difficulty increased, as well as better rewards given
for defeating them.

- Damage text for Hyourinmaru checked, looks ok. Will keep an eye out.