I've started up a Hazordhu Server, hoping to see the kingdoms grow again.

It's been a while, now, probably a week or so, and barely ANYONE seems to show up, anymore! I remember when the game was so populated, hundreds of people were on at once!

Now, though? Just a barren wasteland of untamed wilderness, and little to no people willing to claim it.

I miss the days where KINGDOMS were built, NATIONS were developed, KINGS and QUEENS were elected! I miss the days where Hazordhu was at least at the top of the list, with so many players on it to keep it alive! I miss the days when Hazordhu was more than just some random game, but a new, fun life that people lived in order to escape their boring lives outside the screen!

So now, I ask... what the heck happened? Why can't we go back to those days, now? Is it life, or is it strife? Have people really lost that spark of adventure? Of nation-building?

Is it a lost cause to reach out to people, these days? Should I just pull the plug on the whole operation? Should I just leave BYOND, and find something else to cure my constantly growing depression, uncertain of if I can even FIND something like that?

I don't even know, anymore... I need answers.

So now, I ask... what is it that's keeping you away from this game? Please respond... I need to know. I need to know if this community is even listening!
Hazordhu had 40-45 peak concurrent players, ever. Usually around 20 in the months it was most active. After it became 0 players a month is when our server manager stopped paying for our official dedicated server (mostly out of pocket, as subscriptions obviously weren't cutting it by that time).

As it is, Hazordhu doesn't offer much that you can't get through something like Minecraft. Way more people play that across way more platforms, and they've built way larger kingdoms than could have ever existed in Hazordhu, in 3D. Minecraft and its clones rose as 2D survival building games on BYOND fell.

So, go play Minecraft. It's fun stuff.
My PC can't handle Minecraft very well. -_-