by Phat T
Survive and shoot them down !
Hey there readers!

I would like to share some information about the game and how far the it is until public release.

As for now, I'm mostly focusing on character interface.
I managed to complete the character creation system so that people can build their own unique character with several choices of skin color, hat, collar, jacket and hairstyle.

Players can also display emojis in their name.

I added a day/night system where zombies will make their move at night. There is also a Sun/Moon HUD icon (top right corner) that shows you how many rounds you have survived so far. Each day will bring an increase in the duration of the night and number of zombies.

I added 3 types of guns: Handgun, Shotgun and Machine Gun. They are all ready to be fired!

More to come,
Cheers, Phat T

Special credits to VoltagePunch and his artwork and Kii_Spotlight
by Kumorii!

Image from Gyazo
Looks great, the lighting you've achieved is very fitting.
I would enjoy giving it a try :D
Thanks man. I updated download so you can try it out whenever you wish for :)