Hello Readers! I'd like to do a shout-out to Medicator, who made an over-the-top BYOND donation of over three-quarters of a grand during the past weekend! And speaking of four digit numbers, the BYOND Discord recently exceeded 1000 members! So now let's check out the latest development changes from worlds BYOND (and in less than 1000 words!).


If it's not broke, don't fix it - is the saying that Lummox JR mentioned last week while fixing stuff that was broken (like mouse position information, and his teeth). The mouse refactor came into play in order to better handle render_targets in BYOND 513. In a push to jam in some last moment features before a private release of BYOND 513, he spoke about adding flags for visual contents and changed up client.SoundQuery to return a list of sound datums, instead of an associative list of sound data.


War has been cast over the lands in Spires of Agartha, with undead forces conflicting nearby cities, as those cities conflict among themselves. Vampires have seen their powers diminished, and strange magic has begun to leach into the human realm. Ancient texts and warnings depicting magical powers have been revised, and buildings can no longer be broken into... for the time being.

Gold94 has been working on a new project, presumably named Mana Online: The Kingdom of Magic. Over in the developer's show-off thread, he has shared motion pictures of him dashing about the first town, defending from magically charged dummies, and chatting with the village elder. Next up on the docket is to revamp quest markers, find the town weapon merchant, and start crafting together some equipment for him to sell.

Taitz has sent out invitations to come wander within his newest project, Realms. Currently available as a demo of the sprawling lands, players can maneuver across land and sea, and around mountains and trees to check out the interesting terrain combinations. Portals will warp between the main realm and the chaos realm, and being that the world is all procedurally generated, the adventure never has to stop. Unless you get warped onto an empty space surrounded by cliffs in all four directions...

Orange55 is still around and kicking in his newest project Dojo, presently a fighting framework reminiscent of traditional Mortal Kombat. It's currently capable of several stances, punches, and leg swipes. What's next? As depicted on the Roadmap, completion of key functions, character development, round and game management, followed by further character and skill development.

Three weapons, the machine gun, shotgun, and handgun have worked their way into Phat T's zombie survival game, Shootha. Day and night transitions, as indicated by encroaching darkness and a sun/moon HUD that doubles as a survival counter, bring along stronger and more numerous waves of undead for the player to endure. Additionally, colored cloth customizations have been completed, as a greater focus is shifted to creating interactive interfaces.

Travylleb continues to make improvements to The School District: Online, as he searches for a programmer interested in taking on the project. His latest piece is a clear-character confirmation, featured here.

The peoples republic of china has shared some of the latest updates to ReiaMaps. Severe weather effects and a slew of slick new mapping tools have been demonstrated within the world-building game. Copy and paste, a building palette, object resizing and offsetting, free draw (No tariffs?), and measurements. And let's not forget to mention that map I'd love to see in a game.

The latest enhancement to Dark Star by Bravo1 is a character stance which indicates that they are currently using an interface menu. Not incredibly useful for the player buried in the menu, but handy for others during co-op play.

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3 quarters of a grand isn't a 4 digit number
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3 quarters of a grand isn't a 4 digit number

But a grand is a four-digit number.
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Qwertyquerty wrote:
3 quarters of a grand isn't a 4 digit number

But a grand is a four-digit number.

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