Poll: Do underground BYOND games still exist? (see definition below if your confused)

Yes, 23% (4)
Yes, but it's less active 29% (5)
Not anymore 11% (2)
I don't know 35% (6)

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just curious, Is the BYOND underground still around? I remember getting to play on a few underground servers a long time ago when I frequented anime games.

For those who don't know what I'm referring to, there used to be a small collection of games written in DM that operated without a hub or website, but had active servers up with players in them. You had to be invited/join a friend's game to discover one of these games, then save the ip so you could connect later. They were generally referred to as BYOND's "underground" games/servers by the people I used to know. Sometimes it was a simple chat server, sometimes it was a rip/fangame and other times it was in development games that never got published. Some type of relationship to the host, or a relationship wtih someone who had a relationship to the host was generally how you played these things.

Generally, underground servers existed for the purpose of hosting blatantly copyrighted content, or for hosting testing servers.

Most of the ones I ended up on were in development anime games/rips because I had a bunch of friends on my pager who played bleach/naruto games and linked me.

tl;dr There used to be a group of active games/servers that did not have any type of hub/site. Is this still a thing or has it mostly died out?