Hello, BYOND won't launch properly. black window appears with BYOND logo and says Loading game information... i don't get any loading percentages as it should it just stays like that. i tried deleting all files from my documents, program files and reinstalling and downloading as exe and zip too. did not work. can you please help?

PS. not sure if there is topic for this and should i have started new or not. i'm sorry if i'm spamming.
anyone? :(
Are you perhaps using a Japanese locale? That's known to cause this problem. Also, if your BYOND user data directory, which is in Documents\BYOND by default, is somehow mounted to the cloud such as by Microsoft OneDrive, that causes issues.
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Nothing of the sort i'm afraid.
The last time I saw a user encounter this, he didn't think OneDrive was involved but it turned out it was. You may want to double-check to see if the folder really is on your local hard drive or if it's in the cloud.
There was some antiviruses issues, especially Avast. Maybe this is your case?
If so, try to add Byond/DS to white list.
Have you checked your drivers? Bad drivers can affect game launches.

The next thing to check is to make sure that your firewall isn't interfering with BYOND's communication to the internet.

If the above does not work, I suggest you try closing as many other applications as possible and giving it another try to see if another program is causing problems. (even some background tasks can cause issues)
Um the Same happend To me