Whew! It's been a big week on the development front here. I've been busy on multiple fronts, but there's been some great progress.

The vis_flags feature I talked about has been added to 513, and now has seven flags. Multiple new procs have been added: islist(), ref(), ismovable(), clamp(), and sha1(). Testing has been done on much of this, so I'm in good shape I think to look into one of the big-ticket items I want to get in 513: alpha masking via filters, which should be possible thanks to render_source.

512 meanwhile has seen a ton of fixes this week, covering everything from the client to the server to the compiler. A couple of fixes are to bugs that are absolutely ancient. I also had to poke the dreaded map editor with a little refactor, so hopefully nothing goes awry on that score.

I'm not putting out 512.1471 yet because 1) Friday curse, and 2) there are a couple of things I still need to check out. Which is good, because I found another fix to make even today.

Spring is finally here! It took till June to get here. With actual grilling weather having arrived, I have to make up for lost time and pack my guts full of red meat. White meat too; I don't discriminate. Protein powers the brain and that's what's bringing us this upcoming BYOND version. That, and the generous support of our Members, donors, and Patrons. Thanks to all of you, and I hope you have a great weekend!
ref proc

is it time to resolve id:2131573
I'm such a damn nerd. I read this and was like "Oooh! Built-in clamp()!"
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Super Saiyan X wrote:
is it time to resolve id:2131573

I have a note to do so. I won't resolve any of the relevant feature request threads until I have a full version number for 513.
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Super Saiyan X wrote:
ref proc

is it time to resolve id:2131573

Ha! I knew there was a topic for it. I actually brought ref() up with him on Discord yesterday (which I imagine is why it's in now) and mentioned that exact topic where he replied and all but didn't take the time to find it. :D

can we get details on how these new procs work?

Would return the same string as \ref would.


Is the same as istype(value,/list)


Same as max(min, min(value, max))


Same as istype(value,/atom/movable)

One note here, that istype(value,/list) and islist() having the same return value doesn't mean they are the same. They only have the same use.

isobj(), isturf(), ismob(), etc. all are interface checks. They determine if an object has a specific internal type, which is much faster than what istype() does, which determines if something derives from something else.

istype(value,/mob) is only the same as ismob() in effect. They do entirely different things at their core, however, which has significant impacts on their relative efficiency.

Not to imply that you don't know this, Nadrew, but your post lacked some nuance I think is useful and interesting to the audience.
sha1 hashes POGCHAMP anything from the sha2 or sha3 families a possibility? *hides my spoiled ass away*
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Pokemonred200 wrote: anything from the sha2 or sha3 families a possibility? *hides my spoiled ass away*

Not for 513. SHA1 already has some usage in the engine so it was an easy addition.