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I see you have a meter that shows how much money BYOND makes per month. I don't think the ads are but a small fraction of that? I think the ads are a big reason BYOND can't get many players these days. I'm not saying get rid of them. Perhaps consider rethinking how you display them? They don't have to be so annoying. Just seems like there's a better way to display them.

Maybe consider what Tom said in this 2013 post regarding making the Exe Maker a paid dev membership:

I have about a dozen players on my game and we join fairly regularly for ages now. None of us have ever even seen an actual ad in the splash screen in the past 3 years and we are all spread throughout the US and Canada in various places so I doubt it's a regional thing.

Currently it's just a black box that makes us wait 30 seconds.

We would pay for compile2exe though
Now that you mention it nobody I know ever sees the ad either. It's always just a blank page that makes you wait 30 seconds. Yeah I would literally pay $50 a month for dev exe membership. Maybe have 3 tiers like $15, $30, and $50
If you actually looked at this for compile to exe

And read it, itís a much better idea