25, started byond at 10/11 years old...holy shit. found this place because at the time I was coding and spriting my own RPG fangames [DB, FF and custom games] in rm2k/rm2k3 and accidentally found byond. Ironically I stopped the developing and didn't get into that side of byond, always been a player!
When you're part of the 1%
18 been here since I was 10 :D
were all going to die so whats the point
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Jmann996 wrote:
were all going to die so whats the point

True, but it's not hard to be decent even with that perspective of life. Rather spend my time on byond then on Meth, depends on your goals too probably.
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Kozuma3 wrote:
Rather spend my time on byond then on Meth...

Now there's a rousing endorsement! ;)
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I can see the ad campaign now...

It's better than meth!
Why mess with Meth when you can make virtual meth.
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It's better than meth!*

I mean... Debatable. Not very debatable, and probably not in the way you'd hope, but debatable.
Lol it was an example, I don't endorse meth, however weed is legal in IL January 1st so, pick your vice?

I'm actually sponsored by meth. Every time I say meth they give me a quarter that was supposed to have been under the pillow of a very hungry child.

Meth. Brought to you by the same people who brought you useless erections.
They're only useless if you don't use them!
Currently 23!
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