Lighting Test

by Nadrew
Just a quick dynamic lighting test.
Someone mentioned this demo to me earlier and I remembered I had written a vastly improved version a while back and never gotten around to uploading it. So here ya go.

No more images and backwards planes (it was to prevent software rendering people from cheating but we can just kick people using it now :))

Includes some examples on how to fiddle with the planes and exclude things from the darkness/zoom functions. Enjoy!
+1 I simply love it. Hopefully we will se more use of vis_conents
I actually ended up uploading a version I was experimenting with when vis_contents was first added. It was lacking the proper RESET_ flags to make it play friendly with the attached atom's transforms and the sort.

However, vis_contents (while a little bit quicker overhead-wise) is usually not the best choice to handle your planes. client.screen works a lot easier and won't try to inherit things.

You do need to note that if you do use client.screen you'll tag your planes as screen objects which gives them special layering rules, if you want something (eg: the backdrop object in the latest version) to layer behind things you'll want to use the old BACKGROUND_LAYER setting for the layer.
I have tested your lightning system. But the problem Im facing is with alpha.
If I lower my alpha it wont resoults like I want it to be or maybe its intentional. For example :
What I wanted alpha to do is this when lowering the alpha:

Edited: bland_mode = BLEND_ADD to a light object seems to fix the problem ( )
+ Found out that light is effected by client.color even tho plane master does not allow it: