Hello Readers! Look at that, Within BYOND is back to its normal release schedule (The 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month) again. On time (barely!) and all. It will be short-lived, however, as I'll be away for the second week of July, so do expect additional schedule deviations in the nearby future. Anyhow, let's check out what timely releases have been talked about around BYOND!


Lummox JR was pulled in a dozen different directions these last two weeks, as he juggles between new features and old bugs. Common functions and seven visual contents flags were added to the DM language, allowing for greater control over how icons inherit from their source. Bread-crumb location paths are being scattered throughout the DM reference, and a far-ranging handful of bugs, some new and some old, have been resolved (and look here for a read up on the dreaded map editor fix).


S10Games has been working on the user interface experience in Universe 21 these past few weeks. Several screens stemming from the main character information menu are seeing improved screen real-estate usage, along with a new coat of paint (Does anyone else have a dislike for white text on a black surface?). The character loading page is getting a tune-up as well, allowing for characters to be swapped without a relog.

Flick is back to working with hexagons! This time he's generating random terrains - with seas, rivers, mountains, biomes, towns, and roadways. The creation is displayed with full progression and takes less than a week.

Gold94 continues to show-off his project over in On Topic, this week hacking down trees and then gathering them into his on-screen inventory. Trash disappears forever once it has been dropped (Concept does not apply to real-life.) and gifts can be made via drag and drop over the victim recipient.

Travylleb's The School District seems to have an extreme zero-tolerance no-bulling policy, as captured in his latest screen share.

Techgamer has been working on a dungeon generator in his spare time. Generated layouts have been shared and it would appear that entrances and exits are picked and paths are intertwined. Next on the list is to produce traversable paths, display a minimap, and handle special events.

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It seems the most recent byond update has caused massive lag spikes/disconnections in most online games (on the hub). Most of all the game space station 13.

Please fix this, it basically does a huge spike of lag (which has to do with connections between byond and the server/game I think) making it very hard to play.
In response to Bob Cool
There's no evidence I've seen of such a thing, nor does it make sense with 1471's changes. I suspect whatever you're seeing is unrelated.
I can't join the games for some reason and I have no clue how to fix it I have tried reseting and shuuting down my pc even relogging in and out from my pc but still dosen't work
In response to The spire
The spire wrote:
I can't join the games for some reason and I have no clue how to fix it I have tried reseting and shuuting down my pc even relogging in and out from my pc but still dosen't work

Typically when I can't join games, I get a message from BYOND that says my "key is corrupt." When this happens, I select "Exit" from the menu (or press Ctrl+Q) to close BYOND, and then I start BYOND up again, and I'm then able to join games.