Every time i try to run any .dme file from ss13 (any server) it gives me a bunch of "not found: removing" or whatever boxes and it seems to go on for so long. I It didnt do this before and i've tried multiple byond versions.
You're missing (all?) code files that the DME requires. The DME is not the source.
I download all the files from the git and it does that.
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Did you unzip the files before opening the DME?
How do i unzip?
When you download something from Git or Github, it's commonly in a .zip folder. This is a folder that compresses all of the files inside of it for easier redistribution.

As for unzipping it, you have three ways.

1. You can right click the .zip folder and hit "Extract All". Windows will take care of it for you.

If for some reason you can't do that, you can...

2. Open the .zip folder. Select all of the contents, and then copy them, then paste them into a new, different folder.

If THAT doesn't work for you, you can...

3. Go to and download Winrar for your specific OS and it'll open up new options on the right click menu on that .zip folder. Go back to step 1.

You can also download and it'll grant you access to step 1 as well. It'll be in the Right click > 7-Zip > Extract... command for that folder.

Once you've extracted the .zip folder, you'll be able to open the .dme and it'll hopefully have all of the resources included for you.
It auto remove itself. Wtf.