Universe 21

by S10Games
Universe 21
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Update 1.1.0(Live now) - Make sure you update byond to at least 512.1470.

Sorry it took this long to get the update out guys, turns out complely reworking the interface took much more time then i though, regardless here we are, lot's of behind the scene systems had to be reworked to get them to work wih the new interface, aswell reworking old systems that needed it.

- Complete User Interface rework is here!
- Equipment Gear Slots no longer has 4 separate Equipment slots per Gear
Type, instead it's just one Equipment slots window.
In order to compensate the Equipment gear slots overhaul, Inventory Slots
has been upgraded from 50 slots per type to 78 slots per type.
- Battle Stats has been reworked from 5 main stats to 3 main stats, Power,
Endurance and Speed, other stats are put into gear, techs, passives, etc.
- Reworked Missions System structure.
- Reworked the Items system, previews one was too messy.
- Reworked the way Items tables are handled much more flexible to where now
NPCs have the right Race specific Gear equipped on them, before it would
be randomly regardless of race.
- New structure is as follows
- Normal Gear.
- Elite Gear.
- Prime Gear.

- (Much requested)Added Location and cords window that update as you move.
- (Much requested)Added a Small window that tracks your mission.
- (Much requested)Added 10 new Tutorial Missions that will teach you about
Organizations and Space.

- Tweaked All main bars show their stat and values when moussing over them,
clicking on those bars will permanently display those values in text.
- Tweaked the Text for the Pick Up system.
- Increased the Organization roster from 14 Clans to 18 Clans.
- Character Loader(New Name Clan roster)Added more stats to it such as Clan
Name, Clan Battle Power, Race Categories.

(Known issues)
- Mini Health/Stamina bars don't work properly yet.
- Zone Capture window still uses old interface.
- Build Menu window still uses old interface.
- Mission Swapping is a bit fickly.
- Wounds/Ultimate Interface are still a work in progress.
- Opening Inventory while on other Menus it won't display the Avatar.