Hello Readers! Orange55 set out a few weeks ago to see who was willing to hand out their age in a community poll. The current results from users who visit the off-topic sub-forum and participate in polls indicate a majority of users are in their twenties. Let's see how the demographic alters when results from users who read Within BYOND, click on links, and then participate in polls is added! Also, then come back and then read these latest updates!


BYOND 513 is getting ever-closer to an initial release! Lummox JR has had his hands full these past few weeks, closing up bug reports in 512, buffing the icon editor, adding new visual filters, and smoothing out a few edges. Here's a glimpse into the subject matter of this Friday's early-access Patreon post: Nightmare plaguing SS13 Dream Seekers - Resolved.


Orange55 has been brought in to move The School District closer to its opening day. His report card covers how to throw a punch, keep up on stamina and health, and how to get the attention of the police.

S10Games advanced Universe 21, giving access to the latest updates in interface elements, allowing players to more effectively utilize, well, everything. Alongside the UI improvements, inventory slots have been increased, stats have been consolidated, map and mission data are displayed, and ten starter missions help new players get off the ground.

Inutaishos announced that Azusa Online is participating in the Steam Summer Sale event. For about the next two weeks, access to the game is offered at $2.49. Keep tabs on the game's Patreon page for updates as the game looks to make future changes to the core elements and pricing.

Flick continues to generate new lands in his current pet project. Forests are now seeded, and smaller villages are cropping up. Biomes are affecting their vegetation, Caves, tree houses, farms, and crypts are placed about. And it appears that evil has built a few towers too.

Kozuma3 spent some time creating the makings of a top-down combat RPG. Their latest demo gives players an opportunity to equip their gear, and reduce the island's population to nothing but a bloody pulp. Also, get flung halfway across the landmass by a massive giant.

Techgamer shared the first update log for Spectral Hearts. Basic systems are reported as up and operational for the monster capture, train, and battle game, including generated maps with mini-maps. A release date for players isn't currently scheduled, but this week's goals include monster skills and shopping.

The training Gold94 has been showing is finally coming in handy as the village has begun to be raided by slimes! Focusing on targets, casting magic spells, and doing critical hits will earn the villager's favor for certain.

Phat T mentioned that The Phantom of Future has the ability to skip over the tutorial and get right into the game. He shared a video as proof, which contains a... warm... introduction to the game.

BYOND Resources

  • Tired of programming using objects? Kozuma3 shares how to use lists like objects, and how to access and modify their elements in a bare-bones RPG snippet.
  • Le' go of hard-to-maintain hard-coded buffs, and check out LegoBumb's Buff system.
  • It swings, dashes, and leaps! Gold94ís free base icon, that is.
  • Let your game be seen and heard with Eric Matyas' huge collection of free resources, which grows by the week.
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Another good within. Thanks, Higoten.
Space Station 13 brought me to BYOND and I'm glad to see people around my age playing here!
I think that's three WB's I've missed in a row. Dark Star dedgaem

JK, I've been busy with other stuff but I should have something to show for the next one =P
Universe 21 looks so cool.
I neglected to mention it in the post, but I'll be away next week, so Within BYOND #118 will be moved to July 17th, and #119 will be out on July 31st!
Gives me a good while to come up with some better content :p