var/datum/config_entry/E = entry_type
var/entry_is_abstract = initial(E.abstract_type) == entry_type
CRASH("Tried to retrieve an abstract config_entry: [entry_type]")
E = entries_by_type[entry_type]
CRASH("Missing config entry for [entry_type]!")
if(( & CONFIG_ENTRY_HIDDEN) && IsAdminAdvancedProcCall() && GLOB.LastAdminCalledProc == "Get" && GLOB.LastAdminCalledTargetRef == "[REF(src)]")
log_admin_private("Config access of [entry_type] attempted by [key_name(usr)]")
return E.config_entry_value

[05:03:27] Runtime in,199: bad index
proc name: Get (/datum/controller/configuration/proc/Get)
Warning: further proc crash messages are being suppressed to prevent overload...
[05:03:27] Runtime in,199: bad index
proc name: Get (/datum/controller/configuration/proc/Get)
[05:03:27] Runtime in,199: bad index
(This error will now be silenced for 10 minutes)

Just wondering about it.... any way to fix it? is it worth fixing?

If you scroll to the very top of the Dream Daemon log, or open data/logs/<today...>/runtime.log, the first few entries should have more detailed crash information.

It's possible that something is wrong with your config that is causing it to never be loaded.