Hogwarts: a History

by Massive96
Hogwarts: a History
Hogwarts a History Come and join us in an epic adventure we have discord too https://discord.gg/TDy4GHk
Hello all Hogwarts a history fans

As many off you know I have updated to 1.7.4 recently and there was many bugs in this version that have been fixed thanks to the community bug reporting over on discord https://discord.gg/N3EuE4k

All the bug reports made are Highly appreciated couldn’t do it with out you guys as a lot of changes have happened in 1.7.4 like the new ai system and a bunch of fixes that followed.

I will not be writing a the whole patch note here as everyone can see the on ou discord also fell free to come and play the game yourself and check out the progress

But where now moving on to version 1.7.5
We will be Adding :

Quest Progression book so you can keep track of your Quest along the journey without not knowing what to do.

Raid and dungeon system where you can grind out monster and boss with the you’re friends or even solo depending on the raids

New way of learning spells

HUD’s to be added:

Spell book where your spells will be added Hud

Action bar

New on screen inventory with equipment hud

On screen chat box

New stat panel with hud

Also I will be hosting 1.7.5 as a separate server as there a many changes that will need a full testing before realising so stay in tuned for more.