Mega Man Galaxy X

by Raenath
Mega Man Galaxy X
Multiplayer MMX with class-based gameplay
Oh... does this game concept still exist?

Surprisingly, yes. Work has continued in the past few months to build up existing framework into something I can use for a demo. The source code itself is lean but powerful and all that's needed now is level and enemy design. Four main characters are playable in the new action-RPG game environment. It's fully equipped with an inventory and leveling system and AI is cut and dry now. I've been contemplating creating a Discord server to share some of this progress but it seems more "peaceful" to just work in silence most of the time. It's rewarding in and of itself to create the systems I've put together.

So not a lot of updates in public forums, but steady progress continues behind the scenes. The biggest update I'm sending out is that updates will still be sent out, just rarely. If you're inclined to know more, just ask in this thread.