Hello, I am dabbling into learning programming in my spare time and the only game I really have any interest in messing with is any and all variations of Dragonball Finale/ Universe/ Sundered Earth. If anyone happens to have old source code for these games or really any game that they wouldn't mind sharing I really want it. Ultimately I'd like to make a "Tribute" esk game removing copyright issues and including my favorite qualities while removing others. I'm a long way away from making it happen but it is a fun little project for me and learning by following guides/ making random pointless programs bores me but I enjoy tampering with code that already has an end goal I thoroughly enjoy. So far all I can find is pre-compiled host files which doesn't leave me much to work with as often entire map files are missing so I don't understand how the maps are even functioning in the code and saved to / loaded from for a constantly updating map. (Or what important code I don't have access to that could cause something to mess up) Without the example I am not even sure how to add my own maps that could have the same function. GOA is another game I was a huge fan of back in the day. I don't want to make some clear game rip that no one cares for I just want to understand how they work underneath so I can make something of my own inspired by these masterpieces. I have a lot of ideas and it's fun to me P: Also it just seems like a lot of sadly wasted hard work since all of the work was done on these games to just be forgotten. They remain to this day some of my best experiences gaming and favorite gaming memories even with all the crazy games coming out these days. Finale was the game that got me into actual RP.

I guess you could browse through this
Thanks for the reply, I have found that post but all of the links appear to be broken and lead to a DropBox 404.
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