I didn't have internet access for a while because of MY SISTER. Not me. Her. It's her fault. I swear.

Anyway, I was forced to rely upon stuff on my hard drive if I wanted any entertainment. And that's when I found this little diddy. Watch it.

That sure seems easy, doesn't it? Of course it does. With this handy flash animation as a guide, I decided that I, too, could draw teh(sp) furry! With my handy copy of Photoshop (in an attempt to mask my ineptitude in MSpaint by using the fuzzy drawing brushes) I put together this masterpiece.

Now it's your turn. Yes, you. I want you to open up MSpaint (or Photoshop if you're inept at drawing and want to use the fuzzy drawing brushes) and put out a furry right now. Just follow the guide. If you don't have a membership then you can use for an image host. It's really that easy!
becuz im a profesh at doin this i added mi own tuches to it liek shading sorri if i made urs look like crap ive ben doin this 4 yerz


~~~~mike / karamatsukonashi-san
Watched that via wii, and I must say it was pretty cool.

I love abusing my wii for all my non necessary needs :)
Why are you drawing pictures of furries?
I thought it'd be fun to see variations of the same doodle. :(
Okay. I've been working on this for 5 hours. :O

Tell me what you think
Hmm, that voice sounds like one of them Chapman boys. You know, the Strongbad dudes. I'll have to ask Matt if he knows anything about it next time I'm on GTalk.