Hello Readers! One of the more challenging segments to write of this column is the one that you're currently reading. As most of the remainder of this write-up is fixated on content from a well-defined source, this portion can pull from anywhere, and choosing where can be a difficult task. This week, I found myself searching up old posts for information that I could regurgitate as funny, relevant, and creative, but was unsuccessful. So instead, I'm sending you out to find gold in what's old, and I'll stick with catching up on what's new!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR sustained a foot injury during the high heat indexes of last week, but still is moving forward with fixes for BYOND 512, like client-crashing arrays, filter animations, and broken color swaps in the icon editor. BYOND 513's inevitable release approaches as deeper optimizations are sewn in and the skin editor reference is merged with the main reference. And to speak to 513 nearby release, brainstorming for 514 has already gone underway, with crazy concepts like client-sided particle effects creeping up.


Gold94 has shown a collage of his new and improved menus and interfaces, along with a GIF of the first area that players will be presented with after coming-to from some presently unknown altercation.

Pixel Realms celebrated their seventh anniversary with an announcement regarding the creation of Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar! Chance makes a point to mention that Spires of Agartha is still in development and that Eternia 3 presently has no set release date. Over in Spires of Agartha, new appearance items are available for purchase and the quantity and power of projectiles has been adjusted.

Orange55 has been busy patching the School District, correcting overlays and giving police hair cuts, along with eliminating other bugs. The lock-picking skill has been completed, and Travylleb has been working on getting a sound and music track into the game.

Azusa Online has completed its first major revision since its debut on Steam. This edition features a revamped quick-travel system via minimap, which requires more interaction and less waiting. New hairstyles and armors are available, horses are available for taming, and RP rewards have been revisited.

New legendary skills have been added to Falacy's Zombie Magic, and they can be yours for a hefty sum of gold. Presents are given out for kill counts and completing daily or weekly goals, and as it turns out, zombies can't swim, so all survivors have now been trained in swimming as a last-ditch survival effort. Wish that would have been discovered sooner...

The latest screen-captures from Flick make me wonder if he's got some sort-of flat Earth theory going on... Anyhow, the newest advances in that project feature cloudy, wet weather and day and night cycles!

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Wow, all those old posts are still preserved. Everyone's thoughts, projects, questions from the early 2000's is all there in it's entirety.

I suppose through the internet, you can be ingrained into the annuls of history in a small way :)

I was looking at this old post where some random user was happy that BYOND was recorded as a website on an internet map. So I went over to and typed in and was shown this:

We're still on the map! Victory has been achieved.
That map also clearly hasn't been updated since it was made either - there's definitely a large amount of things that'd be different today.

To pick some of the fruit from branches that fell from the tree years ago, though, did you know that BYOND actually had games other than Space Station 13 to play? A tiny fraction of what used to actually have players and be played, particularly before the evils of 500 and well past that are listed here, to be remembered by.... somebody, I guess: