Poll: How often do you ship? (How often do you complete and release your projects?)

Very Often (90% of the time or above) 5% (1)
Often (70-89% of the time) 5% (1)
Frequently (50-69% of the time) 15% (3)
Sometimes (30-49% of the time) 10% (2)
Seldomly (10-29% of the time) 5% (1)
Never (less than 10% of the time) 60% (12)

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This is a poll intended for developers, please vote only if you are or were an active developer.

With that out of the way, It's time to get down to business:



so far, the collective shipping rate is roughly on par with the titanic
I wish I had a ship.
I upload more libraries publicly than I openly announce. I do mention them on the Discord or make them in response to conversations there though.

As for games... I don't even.
Of the eleven libraries in my projects folder, seven of them are on the hub. I guess that's a decent rate?