Hello Readers! Orange55 continues his polling expedition in search of anonymous data covering user metrics. First on how long you've been using BYOND, and then for developers, a topic that typically ends up in deep water, release rate! His commentary seems to be drifting towards a nautical theme, so stick around to see if that topic remains on board. Here's what else is floating around BYOND!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR set off on an optimization fix, scourging out spots for improvement within frequently used segments. A bug report leads him to revamp references used in filters, and an issue with Initial() was corrected. Prospects for a speedy foot recovery turned sour with a secondary injury incurred (although, not quite as dire as the comments section turned... Let's just say it ends with humanity's last stand: Space Station 13), and a continued discussion about native client-sided particle effects was shared!


Paradise Blue was recently published by FakeBishop, an adventure and combat roleplaying game that takes place among a series of islands. Pickaxes can now be used to break away ores, many new weapons have been added, aggressive enemies hide in the darkness, and crews can board the captain's boat! Join their Discord channel for the latest changes as they ship.

There is now a new system in place for players to build within Universe 21. S10Games mentions that any settlement zone can now be built upon, and most dense objects can be destroyed. Local speech is displayed in a Heads-up-display above the player, and formal roads are being laid on the other two planets. Their Patreon page was given a revamp and a twitter page was established.

Pandora Productions checked in on Sunday The 19th just before the game's 10th Birthday, and celebrated by releasing hosting files so that anyone can download, host, and enjoy the bloody murder survival game. Check the hub description for details.

Gold94 continues to make improvements to the interface elements of his latest project. This week, the skills menu was in focus, now containing a feature for endless scrolling via the scroll bar or by mouse wheel. Larger icons depicting the skill are now displayed as well. Next up is revisiting the skills and professions tab, along with contemplating the restructuring and growth of the inventory display.

Orange55 is sharing his notes with the class, covering the latest improvements to The School District: Online. Seasons are coming and going, shadows creep on by as the days proceed, and conflicts can result in a mess! Over in the sound department, Travylleb reports that some looping soundtracks are complete, and are intended to find a spot in the game in the coming months.

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  • Keep track of yourself behind trees, buildings, or any large overarching object with Kaiochao's Hide Behind demo.
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I am new to BYOND but I will have to check these games out. Very cool!
What's the point I mean ss13 is literally the only game that is being played by more than 20 people

@kerzchh You know, I actually found Byond while playing some other games here that had great original concepts. I'm almost 100% an ss13 player now, but I still mess around in other games and I think they provide a lot of value to the community. SS13 started off as an atmosphere simulator, and to be honest, looked like a hot mess back in 08-09. There's no reason some of these games that are featured by Higoten can't eventually climb up also.

I always enjoy reading these newsletters, even though I don't comment much.
My fellow dreamweavers

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