Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
New Promoted Class
  • Firebird, a new Duelist promoted class, specializing in spears and movement, and using magical feathers to cause explosions, was added.

New Traits
  • Arrow Catcher - 20 SKI. Your hand-eye coordination is excellent, allowing you to catch things easily, such as arrows. When you are attacked by a Bow weapon and evade the attack, there is a 75% chance for you to catch the arrow; if you do, all Bow weapons you have equipped recover 5 Durability. If it was an elemental arrow, you also gain a stack of that type of arrow, provided you don't have any elemental arrows active.
  • Ruled By Emotion - 20 WIL. Your emotions constantly get the better of you. While inflicted with Fear, your Hit against the inflictor is decreased by additional 10, but your Evade is increased by 10 against all attacks, as you are trying to protect yourself. Conversely, when you are angered, your Scaled Weapon Attack increases by 15, but your Armor is lowered by 15, as you are less concerned with such things. (You become angry when an ally is defeated, when you miss a basic attack, or when an enemy inflicts a luck-based status effect on you. When applied this way it lasts for 2 rounds, and cannot be reapplied during that time.)
  • Arcane Tattoo (Lust) - Arcane tattoos are often used for the speed at which they can be invoked. -1% Maximum HP. At the start of battle, consumes 10 FP and has a chance to inflict all enemies with Charm LV 15 for 3 rounds. If you have the Lovely Face trait, the success rate is increased by 10%.
  • Meat Lover - Food Lover trait (only 1 can be selected). Meat dishes are the best, no comparison. When eating a food that contains meat or fish, the HP Regen, FP Regen, and Duration are all boosted by 2.
  • Green Lover - Food Lover trait (only 1 can be selected). Nothing beats greens. When eating a food that contains vegetables or fruit, the HP Regen, FP Regen, and Duration are all boosted by 2.
  • Loud Person - When you speak, you do so with a rather loud voice. The range of your say and shout are increased by 3 tiles. You're also hard to shut up, to the displeasure of others, granting +10% Status Resistance versus Silence effects caused by monsters.

New Item Potentials
  • Eresh
  • Thief Blade, Highway Axe, Pickpocketers, Hold Upper, Pilfer Spear
  • Combat Magnifying Glass