offer exe. to them
offer no ads to their games,

splash screens (extra tbh)

and your beloved savior is here forever, not saying you care, but anything is a-lot better than the nothing we're getting.

Up the price if you have to, for those things I'm forever in the game baby. I'm good regardless my dream is being made but just saying, giving ideas. Not sure what could be more important than the main problems that holds byond back, that keeps people away. But... Yeah..

You're supposed to identify your flaws and get rid of them, yet...

I obviously don't want to be here on the forums, but if you use your brain you'd realize you need all the help you can get and should be more welcoming to people wanting to help, literally crying on mic to make a game in your unpopular engine, and listening to feedback from these people that are so passionate about it just may aid you. I won't have a hub here since mods abused the right to see hidden games and posted the content of it to the public, but the engine. Definitely being used. I can use it without revealing anything about what I'm doing which is why I'd still like it to go in the right direction.

I honestly think the engine is perfect as is, but it's no secret that you don't like me and the way things are set up I'm tied here. It's a social engine almost, and it's very very saddening that it's that way.
imagine being banned from the engine because you were tilted by some bias people on the forums looking to agitate you and now you cant play games in the engine. yeah... stand alone please!

I don't want any of my players to deal with that, that is all.

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