Hello Readers! As you may have noticed, the BYOND hub has been intermittently unavailable over the past week. This isn't due to the technical issues that took down the service several months back, but rather BYOND has recently been the target of several DDoS cyberattacks. Unfortunately, not much can be done, apart from waiting for the attack to subside, and for the hub to return to its responsive self. At any rate, if you're reading this message now, that means everything is running up to par, so check out theses latest developments from the past two weeks!


Big bug fixes were on BYOND Developer Lummox JR's hit list these past few weeks, and not bugs new to the presently unreleased version of BYOND 513, but rather some that have existed over decades! Scrollbars should now become visible when expected, client.view can now be set (and is respected) at compile-time, hidden references in animations have been brought to light, The old limit on icon states in .dmi files has been eliminated, and an appearance reference (more on those here) leak has been sealed.


Firebirds and Meat Eaters have made their way into Sigrogana Legend 2. The former refers to the newest promotion that duelists can explore, a class which specializes in spears and using magic feathers to detonate their enemies. The latter references one of six new traits that players can adapt to, along with being a Green Eater, Loud Person, Arrow Catcher, Ruled by Emotion, and having Arcane Tattoos.

The seas of Paradise Blue are growing larger (and more seamless) as FakeBishop continues to update the roleplaying game. Rain now threatens pirates looking to take sail, and a gun shop has opened. Musicians are gaining in skills, and Marines have a new set of threads.

Jen Aside has shown off a quick GIF of a battle with a goblin in her dimly-lit dungeon environment. She remarks that the battle system is coming along nicely, with randomly generated loot to be found and pillaged.

Many quality of life updates have been woven into Falacy's apocalypse survival, Zombie Magic. Formerly indestructible objects, like walls, can be ripped down, Party Pals are a bit tamer, and weekly quest requirements have changed. A new boss, Shade, is passing through (almost everything) and six new legendary abilities are working as expected.

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Thank you for the mention!
Yesssss. Another leak patched
BYOND has recently been the target of several DDoS cyberattacks.
What. BYOND is being targeted by hackers? I must have details. Did some anime nerd grow up to be a cowboy haxor and now wants revenge because a bunch of other anime nerds bullied him on naruto pickle ninja 3 during the 0.43.2 alpha beta test by repeatedly spamming pickle no jutsu whenever he respawned? Or was it something else?
I am really glad the scrollbar has been fixed!
Hello Readers!

There will be a few days delay in the release of Within BYOND #121, I'm not quite sure how long (as soon as Friday) but certainly before the end of this week. Thanks!
Take it easy, Higoten.