Mystic Journey

by Inuyashaisbest
Mystic Journey
Fight. Explore. Survive.

Bringing back a BYOND Classic, originally crafted by Gunbuddy13 and team.

The Current hosted version was created by Johan411 and team, Version "500" inspired by Gunbuddy13's work.

This is what will be hosted in the meantime while I work from the ground up, as this version does have many flaws, inconsistencies, and inefficiencies in how it was constructed.

However, it is the game that brought a huge community together over the course of many years, so for now it will do, as we need to rebuild what once was a great empire.

Update x.1:
Attack verb has been fixed and can now be set as a macro using BYOND's interface.

Our Discord is over 200 Members strong!
We sincerely thank each and every player for helping to keep the community thriving, and we especially thank RHP for dedicating his time and resources to keeping the game running!
Hey man!

I used to love this game back in the day (as well as Seika before Aaiko changed it into the new thing which I am not a fan of). By the way if ANYBODY has the old game files for that laying around I would send them BTC for a chance to revisit that nostalgia...

Anyway, I'm trying to get online but not having any luck!

In response to Tunabowl
Old files for what, Seika? I have them.
In response to Decrepified
You have the host files before it changed to Teridal?

In search of.

Lost mine years ago when I killed a HDD. Been kicking myself in the ass since
In response to Rhp
I do yes, however I'd need the permission of Aaiko to send them to anyone else.
Would I also be able to get a copy of the server files for MJ?
In response to Morlanius
Morlanius wrote:
Would I also be able to get a copy of the server files for MJ?

Join us on Discord!
In the general tab you will find pinned the host files for Gunbuddy's creation, varying from 124 to 432.

And, the source code for Johan's recreation (with a few tweaks) v500.

Along with how to get hosting setup on a linux machine using docker, with daily backups using crontab.
Holy shit inuyasha is still alive after all these years
In response to Yamikaiba1236
Yamikaiba1236 wrote:
Holy shit inuyasha is still alive after all these years

Indeed! Come see us sometime.
I used to play this game when I was I'm my teenage years at a Internet cafe I would say gunbuddy13 was a amazing man and showed me alot of making icons