Hello community. I have recently had a bit of an urge to play one of BYOND's older RPGs, However upon returning I have found that the community (within the scope of the game),and the game has all but died.

I am currently hosting a version (500) as created by Johan411 and his team many years ago, as the original Mystic Journey (As created by Gunbuddy13) host files are broken with BYOND's continued updates.

Understanding that 500 is laced with many errors, inconsistencies, and overall inefficient means of operations, it is nevertheless a set of files that currently runs, and for the time being will be the server hosted until I during my downtime from work w/Amazon will be crafting, using the original concept by Gunbuddy13 as inspiration.

If you, or your buds were or want to be part of Mystic Journey, it can be found here.

Thank you.
Sweet, used to play this game ALOT back in the day.
I'll have to stop in say hi to you all some time soon :)
I still do aspire to revive Mytic Journey some day
In response to Gunbuddy13
Then do it, honky!
I'm surprised you ever got back on here Matthew. Been a long time
What can we do to help?

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